• Alex Shevchenko, CEO of Aurora Labs, recently gave an exclusive interview to cryptonews.com about EVMs, $NEAR, and uniting blockchain ecosystems.
• Alex has a Ph.D in physics and math and has been an entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast since 2015. He developed Bitfury’s Exonum, a blockchain-as-a-service solution.
• In this exclusive interview, Alex discusses building the biggest L2 on Near Foundation, Aurora’s customized enterprise blockchain solution, frictionless blockchain experiences for developers, EVM gas vs. Near gas on Aurora and more.

Alex Shevchenko: CEO of Aurora Labs

Alex Shevchenko recently gave an exclusive interview to cryptonews.com about EVMs, $NEAR and uniting blockchain ecosystems where he discussed his role as the CEO of Aurora Labs. He has a Ph.D in physics and math and has been an entrepreneur as well as a blockchain enthusiast since 2015 when he developed Bitfury’s Exonum – a blockchain-as-a-service solution.

Building the Biggest L2 on Near Foundation

In this exclusive interview with cryptonews.com Alex discussed how they are building the biggest Layer 2 (L2) on Near Foundation – by providing their services to the Near Protocol; which accounts for roughly half of its total value locked (TVL). He also talked about their customized enterprise blockchain solutions that can be tailored to different use cases without having to develop from scratch each time; along with their native wallet that provides users with a frictionless experience when it comes to interacting with different blockchains or applications within them easily and securely through one user interface (UI).

Aurora’s Customized Enterprise Blockchain Solution

He discussed how Aurora’s customized enterprise blockchain solutions can be tailored specifically for different use cases without needing to start development from scratch every time – saving businesses both time and money in the process; as well as providing users with secure access control over their data stored on these systems thanks to near’s state channel capabilities which allow for secure transactions between parties even if there is no trust between them initially present before engaging in any kind of transaction activity within these systems or networks themselves.

Frictionless Blockchain Experience For Developers

Alex also touched upon how developers can benefit from using aurora’s native wallet which gives them easy access into different blockchains or applications within those blockchains through one user interface (UI); all while providing them with a completely frictionless experience – meaning they don’t have to worry about learning different languages or frameworks just so they can interact with each new platform they come across during development cycles either individually or collaboratively when working together on projects involving multiple platforms at once too!

EVM Gas vs Near Gas On Aurora

The last topic he spoke about was the differences between Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) gas prices compared against those found inside of near protocol itself; where he explained that due its low resource costs both computationally speaking but also financially speaking thanks largely due its sharding capabilities – developing applications on top of near protocol will always prove cheaper than doing so directly onto ethereum itself regardless of any changes made towards increasing throughput speeds either side going forward into future too!