• The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking to hire a CBDC developer with a salary of up to $215,400 per year.
• The selected candidate will be part of a team researching and developing digital currencies.
• Qualified applicants must demonstrate experience in programming, distributed systems design, cryptographic protocols, consensus algorithms and security.

San Francisco Fed Looking for CBDC Developer

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is looking for an experienced CBDC developer under a job opening titled “Senior Application Architect – Digital Currency”. The job ad states that those interested in applying for the position with the bank could pocket a salary of up to $215,400 per year.


The selected candidate will be part of a team on the leading edge of technology research and development in central bank digital currency, responsible for designing and implementing systems critical to the CBDC research. Candidates are expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree with a focus on computer science, management information systems or comparable technical discipline, or an equivalent set of education and experience. They must also demonstrate a track record of designing and maintaining digital payments, crypto and/or CBDCs. In addition to hands-on experience in programming, candidates must have knowledge of and experience with distributed systems design, cryptographic protocols such as zero-knowledge proofs, as well as consensus algorithms and security.

Role Within Team

The Senior Application Architect engages directly with management, other developers on the team, development operations teams, and vendors to ensure that the Federal Reserve is well-positioned to design, develop, and implement technology to support a CBDC as may be required by the Board of Governors.

Progress Signaled by Move

Joining the growing ranks of public actors across the world who wish to jump on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) wagon signals progress towards more widespread adoption as more public agencies are seeking out professionals knowledgeable in this new field. This move comes shortly after San Francisco Fed posted another job opening titled “senior application developer – digital currency” indicating efforts towards forming an entire team dedicated to understanding this technology further.


As governments around the world continue their efforts towards understanding how best they can use this new type of technology for improving payment processing procedures it will be interesting to see which developments come from these types initiatives. It’s clear that hiring qualified professionals will go along way when it comes time for implementation but only time will tell how successful this movement will truly be