• Mastercard forms a CBDC program with Ripple, Consensys & Fireblocks
• OpenSea is set to disable its Operator Filter
• Taiwan proposes business category for crypto firms to self-regulate & form industry associations

Mastercard Forms CBDC Program

Global payments giant Mastercard has formed a central bank digital currency (CBDC) program with Ripple and blockchain development firm Consensys as initial partners. The inaugural set of partners also includes multi-CBDC and tokenized assets solution provider Fluency, digital identity technology provider Idemia, digital identity consultant Consult Hyperion, security technology group Giesecke+Devrient, and digital asset operations platform Fireblocks. This is in order to “foster collaboration with key players in the space,” said the announcement.

OpenSea Disabling Operator Filter

Popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea is disabling its Operator Filter – an on-chain royalty enforcement tool that allowed creators to blacklist marketplaces that did not enforce royalties. According to the announcement, starting on Thursday, August 31st 2023 they are moving to optional creator fees on OpenSea in an effort to better reflect the principles of choice and ownership that drive this decentralized ecosystem. The Operator Filter depended on support from everyone in the ecosystem but failed to gain traction.

Taiwan Proposes Business Category for Crypto Firms

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced that it drafted an amendment to the Standards of Classification of Commercial Group regulations to add a new business category for digital asset services. It may enable crypto-related firms to form industry associations and could foster the development of self-regulatory guidelines. An official from the economic ministry told The Block that this new category outlines the scope of operations within the cryptocurrency sector.

Bitget Integrates Custody Platform with ClearLoop Network

Bitget announced their integration with custody platform Copper’s ClearLoop network which brings “an innovative off-exchange settlement solution” for their institutional clients said their announcement. Institutional clients can now store their digital assets in Copper’s MPC (multi-party computation) powered vault which will ensure secure transactions while providing full ownership control over their funds stored off exchange wallets being used by clients on Bitget’s platform.


This article covers some important news related to CBDCs, NFTs, regulation and exchanges within the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology today! Mastercard has formed a CBDC program with several partner companies while OpenSea is disabling its operator filter due to lack of support from other members in the ecosystem. Taiwan has proposed a business category for crypto firms which would allow them more freedom when it comes to forming industry associations or developing self-regulatory guidelines under this new amendment while Bitget integrates custody platform Copper’s ClearLoop network for its institutional clients’ secure transactions off exchange wallets