• Optimism (OP) has seen a surge in price as the market anticipates the upcoming Coinbase BASE listing.
• OP is trading at $1.71 with strong technical indicators suggesting that it could be poised to reach the 200DMA level of $2.00.
• Shibie is set to launch its presale, with crypto celebrity Barbenheimer sending prices skyrocketing towards $100,000.

Coinbase Announces Base Launch Date

Optimism (OP) Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution has been on a multi-month climb as markets brace for the huge upcoming Coinbase BASE listing. This listing decision from Coinbase has ignited a frenzy in the markets for OP, as traders are emboldened by the idea that BASE is built using Optimism-based technology and will begin trading on Coinbase on August 9th.

OP Price Analysis

OP is currently trading high at a price of $1.71 with a 24-hour change of -0.06%. Despite facing milestone resistance from the $1.75 price level, OP has undertaken an impressive run since June, surging +65% since then and now poised to reclaim critical support from its 200DMA (last seen May 8). The 20DMA has played an important role in this rally, carrying the price up from $1.20 to $1.50 in July and setting up a topside target above local resistance at $1.75 and towards the 200DMA at $2.00 (+16%). However, OP’s RSI indicates some caution with an overbought signal at 67.81 while MACD shows bullish divergence but minor divergence (+0.015). Overall, risk: reward ratio for OP stands at 1:36 which provides an alluring entry point if market hype holds true over coming days..

Viral Meme Coin Shibie Set For Launch

The crypto world awaits another new launch – Shibie – with prices already skyrocketing towards $100,000 after endorsement from crypto celebrity Barbenheimer ahead of its presale launch date yet to be announced .

Is It Too Late To Buy Optimism?

The impending Coinbase BASE listing and viral meme coin Shibie’s presale have both sent optimism through the roof regarding their respective launches – but is it too late to buy? With strong fundamentals combined with sound technical structure and attractive risk: reward ratios , now may be just right time for investors looking for potential gains before these projects take off .


Optimism (OP) appears well set to enjoy significant gains following its huge upcoming Coinbase BASE listing due August 9th while Shibie’s presale launch could see prices rocket even higher than their current heights around $100k . While there may still be room left for investors looking to make gains before these projects take off , traders should use caution when entering positions due to high levels of volatility associated with cryptocurrencies .